Which 'bleach' did Trump suggest injecting into the body? 

The mainstream media always show pictures like the one below, when attacking Trump on his comment to further investigate injecting disinfectant to combat Covid-19;

So why do they always show such a picture?
Because they are a pack of deceptive lairs who must adhere to the agenda of their owners!

Here is the proven, effective 'disinfectant' product that Trump had been introduced to ...
Watch interview between Dr Alan Keyes, Dr Andreas Kalcker, Alan, and Mike Adams here (21 minutes);

The fact is, whether Trump was aware or not, Chlorine Dioxide has already been tested effective by the U.S.C. School of Medicine for blood sterilization purposes;

- Chlorine dioxide sterilization of red blood cells for transfusion (abstract no. PB0953):

So when you combine the above, with the fact that Chlorine Dioxide has already been tested effective against Coronavirus (*see below); then a suggestion to investigate intravenous Cl02 is actually very logical.

So why do the media ridicule the idea, instead of encouraging further research to save lives?
Because the media tycoons, including their partner in crime Bill Gates; want to make Trillions of dollars selling his deadly covid-19 vaccine to the world, and can't have anything come along prematurely that will eliminate the need for his toxic vaccine.

So instead, the fake news put out propaganda pieces about MMS like this one;

*Whether it be Coronavirus, Hepatitis, Ebola, Zika; NO virus can withstand chlorine dioxide.
Note on the following webpage it states;
"to date, no organism tested against chlorine dioxide gas has proved resistant."
Note also on page 2, the table listing viruses that chlorine dioxide was effective against, includes "Human coronavirus.";

PLEASE NOTE: we do not recommend that anyone injects chlorine dioxide.
This is a procedure that would require tested and approved processes.
There is a simpler way of getting chlorine dioxide into the bloodstream, and that is to follow sacrament 1000.
So how do you treat the body using chlorine dioxide against ANY virus, and many other disease causing pathogens?

1/ Get yourself an MMS kit (WPS1 kit) from here;

2/ and follow the instructions here; https://miraclemineral.co.nz/index.cfm?fact=instructions

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